Aunt Zita – is always there to help!
Everyone likes to get back to a neat, tidy and clean home. Both having a job and housekeeping require a lot of time and energy which we often do lack. Our aunt Zita can and will help you spend your biggest asset, which is time, with your friends and family or for yourself. Do not worry about dust, an untidy floor or a dirty bath. From today these are aunt Zita’s problems.
Our aunt Zita has a lot of experience. Furthermore, she knows where dust and cobwebs hide, so she can quickly tidy-up without any issues.

How it works


Perhaps aunt Zita is not a born mountaineer, but during her lifetime experience she gained skills on how to quickly and perfectly clean windows. Clean windows allow you to see the beauty of the world outside.
Using an ecological and eco-friendly German made window cleaner aunt Zita can clean all glass surfaces and make them crystal clear. Moreover the cleaning product works as a repellent which ensures less dirt deposition on wiped surfaces.


Aunt Zita knows that the best way to relax after work is to lie in a hot bath. She would ensure that your bathroom and toilet shine and smell perfectly when you get home after working hard.
Humid room cleaner made in Germany is ecological, sanitary and high strength. These qualities help aunt Zita to get rid of lime, dirt and soap stains without leaving any marks.


Most of us like to experiment in the kitchen. Aunt Zita would make sure to get rid of all experiment signs.
Aunt Zita uses an ecological German made cleaner which is used in food industry. It clears all dirt concentrated on all kitchen surfaces including ovens, cook tops, fridges, tables, shelfs and cupboards. This cleaner removes both grease and proteins easily from all surfaces. Furthermore, aunt Zita would make sure to throw out all the garbage out, so you would not need to argue about it anymore.


The pace of life is continually increasing. Aunt Zita knows how hard it is to keep your bedroom, living room or child room tidy, even though everyone wants to come back to a clean home. Fighting with cobwebs and dust feels like Sisyphean endeavour? Aunt Zita can ensure you will not need to worry about it anymore! Using a special dedicated surface cleaner she would clear all of the cobwebs and dust. In addition, aunt Zita would ensure to clean the floors, all electrical equipment, vacuum the carpets and help various things get back where they belong. She would ensure you return to a shining and fragrant home.


Ironing, dishwashing, changing bedding take a lot of your valuable time, so aunt Zita is there to help you if you would like.







Window cleaning (reachable by hand)
Bathroom and toilet: Coil-pipe cleaning
Floor cleaning
Vacuuming carpets
Dry cleaning soft furniture (vacuuming)
Dust cleaning from: Dust cleaning from: All unencumbered surfaces
Dust cleaning from: All unencumbered surfaces
Bathroom and toilet: Floor cleaning
Collection and throwing out of garbage with change of bin bags
Cobweb removal in closed spaces
Fingerprint cleaning on glass surfaces

Mirror cleaning (reachable by hand)
Stair cleaning with dedicated surface cleaner
Unencumbered surface cleaning in kitchen
Fridge, microwave, cupboard outer surface cleaning
Bathroom and toilet: Wall cleaning (reachable by hand)
Plumbing pipe cleaning and disinfection
Dust cleaning from: Computing and electrical equipment surfaces
Once a month
Bathroom and toilet: Bath and shower cleaning
Once a month
Fridge, microwave, cupboard cleaning from inside
Mouldy baseboard cleaning
Soft furniture stain removal using wet cleaning and special stain remover
Carpet stain removal


External and internal window cleaning
Beds and / or bedroom linen change
Dish washing
Cleaning after house repair
Commercial premises cleaning


When ordering a periodic cleaning of at least half a year , General cleaning -50 %

Aunt Zita is here to help you when you run out of time